Benefits of the SWAG Apprenticeship Model

  •   Industry-driven: SWAG identifies occupations that are in demand in manufacturing, logistics, and other sectors 

  • Company-focused: SWAG partners with company partners to develop an apprenticeship experience specific to their needs 

  • National Credential: SWAG occupations are registered with the US Department of Labor (US DOL); apprentices who complete the program receive a national credential 

  • Ease of implementation: Developing an apprenticeship program can be tedious. The SWAG Team will handle the administrative heavy lifting so that your company can focus on what it does best…taking care of your customers! 

Steps to apprenticeship

  1.  Initial Consultation. This includes one on one meeting with a SWAG Team member to select an occupation based on your needs. 
  2. Sign Employer Participation Agreement. A one-page document that formalizes the apprenticeship process, and gives SWAG the authority to move forward in obtaining standards for your company. 
  3. Receive Company Set of Standards. You’re almost there! Your company will receive a set of standards which contains the On-the-Job training, and Related Instruction pertaining to your occupation. 
  4. Select and Train your apprentices. Most of our companies choose existing workers, and your SWAG representative can assist you with this process. Once the Apprentices are selected, the On-the-Job Training begins. 
  5. Celebrate Your Apprentices: You did it! Your apprentices now have the skills to bring greater value to your company; in addition, they will receive a national credential for their hard work. It’s a win-win for you and your employees!  

Review sample employer participation agreement (doc)