Community Colleges

Benefits of SWAG to Community Colleges

  •  Immediate Access to a dozen federally registered apprenticeships: Once you become a partner college of SWAG, you will have access to occupations already approved by the US Department of Labor (US DOL). This will save you tens of thousands of dollars in personnel cost to obtain registration on your own. Instead of waiting up to six months to receive approval, you are now able to offer apprenticeships to companies in your area…Right Now!!! 

  • Build your capacity to offer Related Technical Instruction (RTI): Learn how to utilize your existing curriculum, or work to update it based on your company’s needs. SWAG will support you by providing RTI support to your college. 

  • Company engagement: SWAG will work with your company to develop a company engagement strategy to attract prospective employers.  

Steps to becoming a SWAG Community College

  1. Initial Consultation. A SWAG Team Member will meet with you to assess your current needs and offer a support strategy to get you on the path to offering apprenticeships to local companies. 
  2. Sign the Community College Participation Agreement. This one-page document authorizes SWAG to work with your institution to develop the capacity to offer apprenticeships.  

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