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Is your organization interested in launching a Pre-Apprenticeship Program with SWAG?


SWAG welcomes its newest employer, Schrillo Company, LLC

SWAG Celebrates the Following Excellence in Mentorship Awardees

SWAG is pleased to recognize FRALOCK Inc. for its commitment to mentoring and apprenticeship!

Industry Sectors

Advanced Manufacturing

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Benefits of Apprenticeship


SWAG partners with companies to recruit, attract and place individuals into apprenticeship; we also provide instruction to incumbent workers to create a pipeline of talent to fill critical positions.

Ease of Implementation

SWAG handles the administrative heavy lifting associated with managing an apprenticeship, making it a more attractive option for small companies.

Industry Driven

SWAG identifies occupations that are in demand in manufacturing, logistics, and other sectors that are registered with the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) and the US Department of Labor (US DOL).

Company Focused

Developing an apprenticeship program can be tedious. The SWAG Team will handle the administrative heavy lifting so that your company can focus on what it does best… taking care of your customers!



College of the Canyons is partnering with AMS Fulfillment to offer 30 pre-apprenticeships in the logistics field—one of the fastest growing industries in Los Angeles County—to individuals who need job readiness skills to gain employment. The 8-week intensive training program, which is launching in August, will provide students with training in soft skills, Excel, warehouse safety and operations through job shadowing, on-the-job training, and COC coursework. “This program is designed for entry-level employees and those struggling to get themselves established in the job market,” said Ken Wiseman, CEO and managing partner of AMS Fulfillment. “We are trying to help these pre-apprentice candidates get their hands firmly around the first rung of the employment ladder and empower them to start their climb.” Located in Santa Clarita, AMS Fulfillment is a full-service order fulfillment company that provides third-party warehouse management, fulfillment services, and order management resources.

Repairtech International, Inc. Van Nuys, CA

Repairtech International provides repair services for detail parts contained inside accessory components such as pneumatic starters, cooling turbines, air cycle machines and various pneumatic valves and check valves. Their focus is on military and commercial aircraft. General Manager at Repairtech, Bill Bolden has introduced apprenticeship to the company to create job enrichment opportunities through On-the-Job training. The Strong Workforce Apprenticeship Group (SWAG) is proud to announce the graduation of three apprentices from Repairtech who completed requirements for the Machine Operator 1 occupation.  They will receive certificates from SWAG and the US DOL for their achievement.  SWAG is thrilled to partner with companies such as Repairtech International to bring the value of apprenticeship to their company.

Fralock Corporation, Valencia, CA

Fralock is a design, engineering and manufacturing company of specialty components and sub-assemblies. Eric Jensen, is the General Manager of Fralock.  Under his leadership the company has embraced apprenticeship as a way of retaining and growing its workforce. In September 2018, Fralock graduated its first apprentice from the Strong Workforce Apprenticeship Group (SWAG).  Michael MacDonald, a machinist with Fralock completed all of the Related technical Instruction along with the On-the-Job training required for the Machine Operator 1 occupation. He will now receive a Certificate of completion from the Strong Workforce Apprenticeship Group and a national certification for the United States Department of Labor!

About Us

SWAG is…A Partnership:

SWAG is a partnership which combines the talents of a leading Workforce Intermediary in Goodwill Southern California, with the resources of College of the Canyons, a pioneer in corporate training and skills development.  This collaboration results in a model of apprenticeship that is functional, and easy for companies to implement. But our most valuable partners are companies like AMS Fulfillment who utilize apprenticeship to develop a pipeline of talent for their workforce.

SWAG is…A Model for Apprenticeship:

      Data-driven: SWAG utilizes labor market data to identify occupations with critical shortages in skilled employees;

      Company-focused: SWAG works with companies to design an apprenticeship tailored to their specific workforce needs;

      Equity-based: SWAG works with companies to provide access to opportunities for our Veterans, Minorities, Women and other priority populations;

      Skills-based education: SWAG aligns its instruction with the needs of industry; curriculum is driven to develop skills that are valuable to companies;

SWAG is…A Solution:


SWAG is a solution to the “Skills Gap” that provides an apprenticeship program that is cost effective and easy to implement for today’s companies and workforce development stakeholders.

"Traditional education teaches students how to collect the dots... Apprenticeship teaches them how to CONNECT THE DOTS!!"

SWAG: Powered by Partnership


Higher Demand

Apprenticeship is NOT limited to traditional skilled trades. Some of the coolest jobs on the planet now begin as APPRENTICESHIPS!!!

More Training Than Ever Before

DID YOU KNOW...that some of the world’s largest companies are partnering with educational providers to develop apprenticeships to identify and train new talent.

Earn while Learning

DID YOU KNOW. . . Apprenticeship is the world’s leading training program that allow you to “EARN while they LEARN?”

Contact Us

Tracy DiFilippis

Sector Strategies Navigator
Goodwill Southern California
Phone: 323-477-3923
Email: tdifilippis@goodwillsocal.org

Jeffrey Forrest

Vice President Economic Development
College Of The Canyons
Phone: 661-362-3144
Email: Jeffrey.Forrest@Canyons.edu

Get Started In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Initial Consultation
One on one meeting with a SWAG Team member to select an occupation based on your needs.

Step 2

Sign Employer Participation Agreement
A one-page document that formalizes the apprenticeship process, and gives SWAG the authority to move forward in obtaining standards for your company.

Step 3

Receive Company Set of Standards
Your company will receive a set of standards which contains On-the-Job training, and Related Instruction pertaining to your occupation.

Step 4

Select and Train your Apprentices
Our companies choose existing workers, and your SWAG representative can assist you with this process. Once the Apprentices are selected, the On-the-Job Training begins.

Would You Like More Information?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The SWAG apprenticeship-training program differs from the traditional employer sponsored program in that the college will sponsor the program, manage the administrative aspects, coordination elements of RTI, certifications, and facilitating the national credential for the apprentices. The SWAG Model allows for intensive coordination and the freedom for employers to do what they do best, provide an excellent ‘hands-on’ training experience.

SWAG will work with each employer partner to monitor and track RTI, earn certifications, provide technical assistance, and coordinate OJT funding. The College will manage and coordinate 100% of the administrative aspects of the program.

The cost to employer will be no more than the traditional cost of on-boarding a new hire and in most cases will be less, given the strong support of workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding to support apprenticeship.

There is some tracking of training hours to manage. This can be done manually through a simple chart provided by the Department of Labor, or digitally through software that SWAG will offer as part of the Apprenticeship Partnership.

The legal requirements related to apprenticeship that apply to registered apprenticeship programs are contained in 29 U.S.C. 50 and Title 29, CFR parts 29 and 30. Title 29, CFR part 29 contains labor standards for the registration of apprenticeship programs. Title 29, CFR part 30 contains equal employment opportunity in apprenticeship training. SWAG will ensure compliance with employer partners.

The minimum amount of apprentices a company may have to operate an apprenticeship is 1:1 (i.e., one apprentice to one Journey Worker). This ratio differs by industry sector.

Although the goal is for each indentured apprentice to complete his/her program, apprenticeship is ‘at-will’ just as standard employment is. An employer may end the apprenticeship at any time during the program if minimum standards of employment are not met. Employers are not obligated to maintain poor performing apprentices.

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